Outsourced CFO

Wondering whether or not you really need an employee to manage the books? Tired of hiring/firing the bookkeeper, or paying your accountant a crazy amount of cash at tax time to clean up your books?

It’s time for you to join the millions of business owners outsourcing their finance & accounting back office.

Just imagine the savings when you outsource versus hire for F&A:

  • No holiday pay
  • No payroll taxes
  • No benefits
  • No full-time salary for part-time workload
  • No risk of internal theft/fraud
  • No worries about the state of your books

So go on – let yourself off the hook. Contact us to find out how much money we can save you each month! And remember: Our Outsourced CFO services include not only monthly accounting, but include your tax return! Plans start as low as $1,500/month. Contact us today!

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